How To Find Your Ideal Customer
Write By: Katie Dooley

As a business owner, do you find yourself wondering why you can’t always have the best kind of customer who is just your absolute favourite to work with? What if we told you that you can?! This type of customer is referred to as your “ideal customer”. There are certain people who you might not connect with very easily, who might not value your work or services, or who might complain and give you a hard time. Your ideal customer may be so great that they become your friend, obsess over your work, value your products/services and refer you to everyone they know. Figuring out who your ideal customer is will set your business up for success.

Before we can find your ideal customer, we have to know who they are. Picture them in your head, sometimes it’s already a customer you have; think about what they look like, where they work, who their family is and what interests them. Get deep and into nitty gritty facts about them, you can even give them a name! It might seem silly, but giving this kind of information to an expert brand designer will help them guide you to finding your dream customer and to create your logo design. 

Once we know who your ideal customer is, we need to find out what they like. In our agency, this is a research process that has us diving into Google for statistics, facts and figures. We want to know what kind of car they drive or what their preferred method of transportation is. We want to know what kind of shops they frequent, what their favourite colour is, whether they prefer Coke or Pepsi and what percentage of their income they typically spend on the type of service you’re offering. 

Once we know everything about them, we can create a brand that is tailored to them. Being able to send our client a summary of research that explains why we are choosing their unique brand position (and even some examples of similarly styled brands for inspiration) really blows them away. They are able to be a part of the collaborative process which will help determine their brand guidelines, which in turn will help them reach their ideal customers.

Once who your ideal customer is, you will know where to reach them on social media, how to create their logo design, how to network with them and understand any other unique marketing channels.

Have you figured out who your ideal customer is?

If you would like a visual guide, download our Brand Audit (link) which includes a dream customer worksheet.