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Whether you have a new venture (congratulations!) or your existing business needs a refresh, a fresh and on point logo design can feel… well… refreshing! There’s nothing to make you motivated to get out there and make more money than a brand-new look for your brand.


A logo means a lot. This little icon packs everything your business is into one little square of pixels. That means that every pixel matters.  

Starting out on the right foot with a design expert will save you time and money on a logo. There’s a good chance that it’ll make you money too! We’re here to make sure that your new logo is part of a profitable, successful business.


Stand out from your competitors: 50% of businesses are confused for their competitors. 

That means that 50% of businesses are losing out on profits because their branding does not make them stand out! 

Targeted, well-designed branding ensures that you: 

  • Get your dream client every single time
  • Avoid copyright infringement
  • Set your business off on the right foot

As a bonus, you’ll get a better understanding of your target market from the design process, which includes market research. 

Why not gain up to 50% of your business back?



A logo for a new business is a special moment. This is when the dream comes together. A great new logo can start your business on the right foot, and even give you some direction when it comes to your market, industry, and goals.
Remember, people shop with their eyes first. It’s important that your logo is differentiated from your competitors and represents your brand experience. Let the logo do the talking (and selling) for you.


If you’ve been in business for over five years, you’ve already gone through the logo process. However, many businesses don’t have a large budget for logo design to start. It’s common to go with a self-made logo or choose a designer from a discounted service, such as a designer on Fiverr.
However, as the business grows, so does your knowledge about your brand. What worked several years ago just doesn’t fit now. Not to mention, it’s not attracting the customers you enjoy helping the most.
A refreshed logo gives your business new life and amplifies your marketing and networking. Plus, you’ll get all the right files to put your logo anywhere it needs to go (and it will always look great!)


What should you expect when approaching a professional designer in Edmonton about a new logo? 

The process is simple (as long as you have a good guide!)

The best logos come with comprehensive research, strategy, and brand development, which is why we’ve packaged all of these things together for you. We’ll get to know your business, industry, and target market. 

What you’ll get is everything you need to put your logo just about anywhere! All of Paper Lime Creative’s logo packages include logo files and a brand framework (which tells you how to use your logo and branding going forward).


The best brands come from an intense research process. After all, a brand is all about positioning. In order to position your brand at the top, it’s important to understand your industry, competitors, customers, and differentiators.

Remember, great logos are not just cool graphics! The question we like to ask is: How do you say a lot without saying a lot?
Brands like Nike, Apple, and McDonald’s have distilled their logos a level of meaningful and memorable simplicity.
Research also helps you avoid branding cliches
HVAC – fire + ice,
plumbers – water drops,
realtors – houses, etc.

Brand Strategy

A logo is more than a pretty image; it’s the pillar of your brand. As such, we don’t want to design a beautiful logo for your business and leave you hanging! We’ll make recommendations on how to roll out your new brand.
Plus, we’ll give you customized marketing guidance and positioning strategies based on the research we’ve completed.

Brand Development

Logo design is part of your overall brand development. We’re looking at this little picture, but we also never take our eyes off the bigger picture of your entire brand.
To allow you to dive a little deeper to develop your brand story in full, we’ve partnered with professional web developers, social media experts, copywriters, and other business service professionals. We can help you connect all the dots for your brand so you can let it do its thing while you do yours!


First and foremost, you’ll walk away with a great experience. We love the creative process, and by the end of the logo design process, you will too. However, in a practical sense, you’ll also get:

  • All your logo files (black, white, RGB, CMYK, Pantone, and all file types)*
  • Your Brand Framework, which walks you through how to use everything!

*All digital files depending on your order

Finally, you’ll get all the benefits that come with a fresh logo, including more effective marketing collateral, more opportunities to stand out among your competition, more confidence, and possibly even a little more motivation!