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Insurance Logo: Storme Financial
Write By: Katie Dooley

Storme Financial Solutions has a mission to empower women in their financial situations. They build custom solutions using financial planning, financial products and insurance to ensure you meet your goals, dreams and financial commitments. We were so excited to create an outstanding insurance logo and brand for the company.


Brand Identity Objectives

For Melanie Storme’s insurance logo we wanted to create a feminine and welcoming brand that would help her stand out from her competitors. 

Melanie is unique in her industry because she is not linked specifically to one insurance brokerage or finance company. She is able to make the best decisions for her clients. 

On the personal side of things, Melanie balances being a business owner, mom and athlete. She knows first hands the challenges women face managing a household and finances. 

the storm financial solutions brand is a feminine insurance logo


Target Audience

Melanie has a heart for women and finance. While women are the largest financial decision-makers in their homes, they are grossly underserved by the financial industry.

Targeting busy moms, aged 40-60, this group is looking to pay down debt, save for retirement, provide for their children, and potentially be moving into a caregiver role for their parents. This is a heavy financial time in life and Melanie gives a 360-degree perspective and plan for her clients.


Design Solutions & Insurance Logo

An encapsulated and welcoming insurance logo, the petal elements are a combination of the letters “SF” for Storme Financial. These shapes were also inspired by dandelion seeds, which is a symbol of wishes, overcoming obstacles and the simple joys of life. The logo has influences from French design.


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