Photographer Logo: Deborah Kinisky - Paper Lime Creative
Photographer Logo: Deborah Kinisky
Write By: Katie Dooley

Creating a Meaningful & Professional Brand

Do you associate a photographer’s logo with playtime? When was the last time you played?
The power of play is an important part of the Deborah Kinisky Photography brand and Deborah’s story. While her clients are predominantly adults, and often business owners, Deborah approaches photography as a fun and creative outlet for both herself behind the camera and her clients that are in front of it
Deborah’s areas of photographic expertise include nature photography, headshots & brand photos, and family photography

Brand Identity Objectives

Create a photographer logo and professional brand that encompasses all of Deborah’s photography verticals. This includes her personal, nature, and business photography. 

a versatile photographer logo can be used on social mediaTarget Audience

Because Deborah is active in several different types of photography, we wanted to create a brand that could morph to meet the needs of each unique client. Our main audience focus was Gen-X women that run their own businesses. These women are heart-based entrepreneurs. They have a lot of compassion for their family and friends, as well as for causes that are important to them. They want to create memories and experiences for the people in their lives. 

Design Solutions & Photographer Logo

Because Deborah has a lot of professional business clients, we wanted to create a brand that would appeal to them. The brand also needed some whimsy for Deborah and her more playful services. The butterfly is an important symbol in her life. While we wanted to incorporate it, we needed to make sure it was incorporated in a structured way for her male business clients.
We took her initials DK and turned them into a structured monogram built in a square grid. The curved corners allow easy readability to her name while giving the impression of a butterfly. It also lends itself to a fabulous brand pattern. Pairing her logo and pattern with an adaptable colour palette allows her to tailor her brand or services to each of her distinct verticals

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