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September 24, 2022
Downsizing and taking care of a loved one’s estate can be a stressful experience. Filled with many emotions and challenges, the downsizing specialists at Alivio Solution help you to make this process as easy as possible.

The Client

As a military wife, founder Rita Monteiro knows the stress that comes with downsizing or taking care of the estate of a loved one. Rita founded the company with an emphasis on efficiency, wealth preservation and sustainability. 
Located in the Greater Toronto Area, Alivio Solutions offers various services including decluttering, downsizing, estate clearing and moving/resettling. They help you take care of the contents of your house through various options such as online actions, donations, disposal or preparing it for your next home
Whether you are a part of the military or civilian community, Alivio Solutions understands the needs of their clients while offering their services at an attractive cost while being knowledgeable downsizing specialists


The Design

The Alivio Solution logo is a minimalist magnolia bud. The magnolia flower is a symbol of dignity, which is something Founder Rita Monteiro, strives to provide all her clients. The simple line work makes the logo versatile for many uses such as staff t-shirts, documents and other promotional products.

Alivio Solutions target a slightly older demographic. They target adult children (40-50 years old) that would be helping their parents downsize, or clear out an estate. We wanted to create a logo that was easy to read for clients of all ages. This led us to the font Acumin Variable, for its variety of weights and clear character forms. 
The muted colours of green, blue and beige are popular with Gen-X and give a sense of calm to the entire brand. Being environmentally friendly is one of Alivio’s core values, and that value is shown in the colour choices as well.

This solution is elegant and timeless that will resonate with clients for years to come.


The Brand Story 

Life and family change constantly, and with that, so do daily worries and responsibilities. Adding the task of divesting the home and belongings of a loved one can feel overwhelming. Whenever major transitions happen in life, it’s common to reach out to those you know you can trust and depend on. Alivio Solution is here to help you take care of all the details of parting with a home and belongings so you can focus on what matters most and be present for your loved ones. 

Alivio Solution specializes in white-glove generational transitions, which often include organizing, cleaning, and selling possessions and homes. Our clients rest easy knowing that they can oversee the process of divesting a home without having to spend countless hours looking after the details. Whether you are helping a loved one downsize, managing an estate, or in a transitional phase of your own life, our team of conscientious professionals ensures nothing is missed or overlooked. Life is too precious to be lived with stress or uncertainty — live with confidence instead and let Alivio Solution handle your transitional services from end to end.

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