Paper Lime Creative Edmonton, AB Graphic Designer - Black More


September 3, 2021
Blackmore Real Estate may seem like the new kids on the block when it comes to real estate but they have decades of experience behind them. They are a customer-first real estate brokerage and believe you deserve to be treated like the Rock Star – because every adventure starts with a solid home base.

The Client

Denise Royer started Blackmore Real Estate after more than twenty years in the industry in Edmonton. She wanted to give clients a more personalized, boutique feel than what the big box brokerages were offering. By creating a tight-knit community of Realtors® and referral partners, walking into the Blackmore offices feels like having a meeting with old friends. Denise gets to incorporate her love of music, pets and coffee into her brand authentically as she loves working with “yuccies” – Young Urban Creatives.

This group of millennials values relationships and experiences over cost. They are happy to wait in line for the perfect brunch. They are also happy to earn less to work at a job about which they are passionate.

The results are a fun, edgy brand that gets to be funny, sarcastic and make true connections with the people that need their services.


The Design

Nature meets New York. The brand needed to reflect the vibrant hustle-and-bustle of major metropolitan areas like New York. We drew inspiration directly from Chelsea Market in Manhattan. However, if you’ve ever spent any time in New York, you know most locals love getting away from the big city any chance they get. The visuals balance the urban and the natural. It means that Blackmore reflects what their clients’ day-to-day lives look like, but also their dreams and goals.

As usual, we stayed far away from the typical Real Estate cliche of a house logo because we wanted to capture something more foundational to both Blackmore Real Estate and the clients they worked with. Branding based on customer values creates a long-term emotional connection that goes beyond the transaction at hand.

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