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September 3, 2021
This employee benefits logo was designed for Infinite Benefits a company specializing in Health & Wellness Spending accounts. They want to make you the best employer in your industry while saving you money in taxes! HSAs and WSAs are a great way to get medical write-offs for both you and your employees, which benefits employee morale and retention!


The Client

Infinite Benefits is a family-oriented company specializing in HSAs and WSAs. They predominately focus on helping business owners increase employee morale while getting a tax-write off. Founded by an accountant and an insurance provider, it was important that the Infinite Benefits brand look professional but still approachable.

Our original inspiration for the employee benefits logo came from business technology. Business tech companies position themselves as the ‘must-have tool’ for business owners to run an efficient, profitable business. It was with this same idea that we positioned Infinite Benefits. You can have all the tech in the world, but it won’t replace a happy, productive workforce. Therefore, if we could make Infinite Benefits look like a business tool as well, it would be a visual cue to business owners that this is something they need!


The Design of an Employee Benefits Logo

It was important that we stayed away from the obvious infinity sign that could be associated with a name like Infinite Benefits. These obvious designs make it difficult for your brand to be memorable, especially when there are many companies named “infinite” or “infinity” ¬†that use the infinity sign as their logo.

Instead, we went with a personal concept of infinity. The founders of the company belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. In their faith, they believe that after you die you go to the celestial kingdom for eternity, which is represented by the sun. Without being so overtly religious as to turn people away that do not belong to the same faith, we are able to acknowledge the owners. Even outside of the LDS faith, the sun represents a constant and reliable source of energy.


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