Paper Lime Creative Edmonton, AB Graphic Designer - Juli Wenger


September 3, 2021

We have a handful of fabulous life coaches that we work with on a regular basis. We love when we get to start a life coach logo from scratch!


The Client

Juli Wenger is a women’s empowerment coach. Her specialty is helping women reignite the fire within them by reconnecting with their authenticity and true identity. She is particularly passionate about helping female entrepreneurs balance work and family. 

The best part about working with Juli is that she has a 50,000-foot view of her business and the change she wants to make in the lives of women. It is a lot of fun to design for a life coach with such a grand vision. 

Juli’s life coach logo is being used across social media, on her podcast, banners & billboards, and for her conferences & workshops. 


The Design

We were inspired by fire, flowers and fireflies. Juli Wenger’s icon is an amalgamation of wings, pedals and licks of flame. The fire represents the reigniting change that Juli creates for her clients. Flowers symbol new life and rebirth as they blossom into their full potential and finally, fireflies are a guiding light during a time of transition. 

The colour palette is bold, classic and feminine. The vibrant pink creates an immediate impact while the navy grounds the brand and gives it a timeless feel. The logo design connects with a female audience ages 35-45 in the peak earning and family years.




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