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McKay law logo design


October 12, 2022

At Paper Lime Creative we love helping small local business owners reach their ideal customers. When Chris McKay reached out to us to create his law firm logo, we were thrilled to take up the project.

The Client

Local and down-to-earth, Chris McKay prides himself in being “that local lawyer”, helping families and business owners in the Old Strathcona neighbourhood. McKay law provides family, real estate and wills and estates services. 

Being a two-person team, Chris and his legal assistant are able to get to know their clients on a personal level. With hands-on every client file, Chris is able to offer an exceptional level of service.


The Design of a Law Firm Logo

The McKay law firm logo is approachable and fun while still being professional.

The circles represent a community coming together, but are off-centre because no one’s journey through life is perfect. However, McKay Law is there at the centre when you need them.

The balance between playfulness and professionalism comes from the font and colour choices. Northwell is a vibrant script font that gives the logo a personal touch and helps the brand stand out from more traditional competitors.

The blue is a nod to the old McKay law brand and gives an eye-catching pop of colour. The dark grey is rooted in trust and professionalism to stay recognizable as a law firm brand.


The Brand Story

Working with a lawyer doesn’t need to be cold, confusing, or stressful. At McKay Law, we provide expert legal advice for the important milestones in your life. Our lawyers are hands-on, ensuring that you understand the process and have peace of mind at every step. We provide trust and support for the big moments in life by specializing in family law, mediation, and real estate law. Whether you’re seeking closure or starting a new chapter in your life, you need lawyers you can trust.

Life is full of exciting opportunities, such as buying or selling a home or expanding your family with adoption. And when you’re ready to close a book on a portion of your life with a divorce, handling an estate, or setting up a will, the right legal support can provide relief and clarity for the future. These legal proceedings don’t need to be as tense as you may think. At McKay Law, we’re here to make these experiences less stressful so that you can focus on your new horizons. You deserve the freedom to move forward and live your best life.

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