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August 31, 2021

Personal brands are powerful tools when you are on the job hunt. Developing a business logo can help you stand out from your competitors. Branding isn’t only beneficial for businesses. Meagan called us after she graduated from Dalhousie with her MBA and was looking for jobs.

The Client

Meagan specializes in marketing, analytics and social media. She understood firsthand that looking good in business is a competitive advantage. Did you know if you have two products of equal value, quality and price, that the one that looks better will be purchased?

With this in mind, Meagan knew that she needed to stand out in a competitive job market. Creating a personal brand is all about showing people who you are as a person: your values, ethics, and experience. This is different from a business brand that is targeted to the end-user or customer.


The Design of a Personal Brand

Because this was a personal brand project, we were able to really take Meagan’s preferences into consideration. Personal brands are one area where your personality is more important than the client, however, we did want to take into consideration who would be looking at her resume and make sure that it was work and job appropriate.

Meagan loves the colour teal, and because blues and greens are professional colours, this was an easy request to accommodate. The rest of her brand is monochromatic, sticking with black and white, which allows the teal to be used to draw attention and create hierarchy in designs.

We loved creating the interlocking monogram that also doubles as a brand pattern. This brand pattern is used across her letterhead and business cards to create a subtle texture and visual interest.

Meagan’s tagline is “Creative Strategy & Strategic Creativity” (great, right?!) and we wanted her to be able to apply to jobs with confidence and truly showcase her skills to potential employers.

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