September 24, 2022
This childcare management software has helped hundreds of daycares and childcare centres reduce costs, improve care, and retain employees, all while saving time


The Client

After tiring evenings and weekends doing paperwork and preparing reports, founder Vincent created his own solution to make life easier. The result, TimeSavr. The focus of this customer-driven software is to make the user’s life easier. As a customer-driven app, they value customer feedback, with a goal to make everyone’s lives easier. 
Vincent understands that every childcare centre is different. This is why including customization options to meet everyone’s needs is so important. There are many features that make this childcare management software company unique, and useful for all administrative needs.  
Some of the ways TimeSavr can help is by having hundreds of options for automatically generated reports. This includes saving you hundreds of hours by having scheduled invoices. The best part is this software is an app making it accessible no matter where you go. 


The Logo Design for Childcare Software

The TimeSavr logo has structure yet is creative. It represents all the values that daycare owners, directors and workers share.
A colourful scribble emphasizes what is truly important to these busy professionals, time. The scribble literally blocks off time as one might highlight an important date in a day planner.
The geometric font is easy to read, as there is a large part of ESL daycare workers. The rounded terminals of the font add a friendly touch to the logo. 
The dark purple grounds the brand and represents creativity. This was the feedback we heard frequently in our interviews with daycare owners as their favourite part of their job. Blue is a calming and professional colour this shade adds vibrancy and appeals to the target market of Generation X


The Brand Story

While you support families and help their children to grow, learn, and succeed, who is supporting you? It’s a question that Timesavr has asked and answered. We know that as business owners, when you can deliver higher-quality services with less effort, you have more time to enjoy both your work and your personal life.

Our CRM software is designed around the daily lives of daycare owners & directors. We have carefully considered all of the elements involved in keeping your business organized, efficient, and successful. Stay up to date with the families you serve, bring in new families, and oversee payments, attendance, staff, and reports in a single glance.

We also understand the importance of people connecting with people; our technology solutions are backed by flawless customer support. We’re here for you so that you can be there for them!

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