September 24, 2022
Through her unconventional strategy-based style of coaching, trauma specialist of Seen Heard Haled, Dawn Taylor empowers people to be the superhero in their own lives.


The Client

As a survivor of trauma herself, Dawn has first-hand experience in understanding what it takes to make her clients feel cared for. She offers various services including trauma healing, life strategy and business strategy. 
Dawn has created The Healing Retreat which gives her clients the opportunity to focus on their needs in a tranquil space. Here, clients can have the space to move past trauma, awaken an extraordinary life, or strategize their business. Packages include home-cooked meals, walks in nature, one-on-one coaching and so much more. This retreat allows clients to heal in a safe space away from their everyday lives. 
Dawn enjoys working with individuals in many capacities – whether you’re a young entrepreneur needing help with your business ventures or a stay-at-home parent trying to navigate life. Dawn believes that everyone she helps is resilient and has a drive and passion for life buried deep within them and all know that something is missing from their lives.


The Design

The Seen Heard Healed logo takes inspiration from the flow of water, topography, cocoons, listening and hearing. Because of the nature of the Seen Heard Healed business, it was important that the logo created an emotional reaction, allowing potential customers to feel safe and calm
Targeting professionals dealing with trauma, the Seen Heard Healed logo is a mix of professionalism and compassion. The contrast between light and dark gives visual interest. The expanded colour palette allows for flexibility between different audiences to match where they are in their trauma journey.
The font Futura is a timeless mid-century modern font which ties into the interior design of the healing home, but won’t become dated.
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