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Real Estate Logo: Blackmore Real Estate
Write By: Katie Dooley

What a brand! What a client! Blackmore Real Estate is a new real estate brokerage in Edmonton and the surrounding area. The team was so much fun to work with to create their real estate logo. 

I love when clients trust the process and then commit to it! Denise Royer was one of those dream clients. The icing on the cake? Denise is also one of those clients that I am thrilled to call a friend now, too! 

Honestly, it took us some time to get to the logo design, but Denise and her team were fully committed to navigating the revisions with us. 


Brand Identity Objectives

Blackmore Process
There were a LOT of options for Blackmore, and that’s okay! Sometimes it takes working through the process a couple of times to get exactly what you’re looking for.

In a world with RE/MAX, Royal LePage, Century 21 and more, it can be tough for the boutique real estate brokerages to stand out from the big guys. 

Our goal for Blackmore Real Estate’s custom logo design was to stay true to that boutique feel while also representing Edmonton and the community that these agents work and play in. 

When we were developing the brand, we needed to make sure that we created a high-quality logo to compete with other brokerages but still had a down-to-earth, community feel. 


Target Audience

The target market for Blackmore Real Estate is a sub-group of millennials called yuccies. Yuccie stands for “Young Urban Creative” and is an evolution of the “hipster”. 

These are older millennials whose creative identity is more important to them than financial success. They are happy to spend money on experiences. These are the millennials that will wait in line at the go-to breakfast place and spend $15 on a handcrafted cocktail.

Yuccies are no-bullshit and make buying choices based on company values and social entrepreneurship. They are looking for authenticity in the companies that they work with. 


Design Solutions & Company Logo

Messaging, imagery and graphics all come together in this beautiful billboard for Blackmore Real Estate.

The brand for Blackmore Real Estate needed to be very unique in the Edmonton real estate market. Denise wants to flip real estate on its head and truly connect and help every client while building a lifestyle brand that people want to get involved with.

We took inspiration from Chelsea Market in New York City. A hip urban market in the middle of the world’s biggest metropolis that somehow manages to have a homegrown grassroots feel. Even though you’re in New York City, everything is locally sourced and has a community feel.

We came up with a lot of logo ideas for Denise. This is where it’s important to understand the difference between a logo and a brand. Denise was sold on the brand from the minute we pitched it to her, but the logo needed refinement along the way. 

When it comes to revisions and creating a logo, we are happy to iterate until our clients see something they like! We probably did twenty different versions for Denise, all just slight variations on the one we originally pitched. 

From here we drew upon commonalities that Denise and her team share with her target market. Dogs, music, and travel all feature heavily in their marketing materials and social media. 

The best part? Because Denise started with a professional designer, she had all the pieces she needed to take her brand and run with it. She and her tea are developing a strong, long-term brand strategy and have developed many things on their own that are on-brand.

We get so excited when we see a company step into their branding and own it! 


An Award-Winning Real Estate Logo

We submitted the Blackmore Real Estate brand to the Muse Awards competition and placed Silver! You won’t get results like that from using a free logo creator like Canva

Having an award-winning brand not only sounds cool, but it also gives you more content to use in your marketing, makes you stand out from your competitors and helps with SEO!


Want Your Own Winning Brand?

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