Branding for Chandlers
Write By: Katie Dooley

We talk a lot about how important it is to brand for your ideal customer.

Our favourite clients at Paper Lime Creative are Chandlers! You know, like Chandler Bing, from Friends. Chandler could never explain to anyone what he did for work, and that’s a challenge we love to take on.

The more unique your business, the better! Chandlers need branding, too. If they have trouble putting into words what they do, then people — and potential clients — won’t understand what they do. When we can put together a visual and messaging package that speaks to their customer in a way that they can understand, that’s when our clients see a huge return on their branding investment. 

How do you know a Chandler when you see one? Chances are you’ve never heard of what they do before. It can be a new idea (like ElementQ is one of the first of its kind), or it can be an industry that has a lot of jargon, or it’s a niche and can just be difficult to understand. The Chandler might have trouble explaining it because he gets stuck in industry terminology. They’re also very good at what they do and see the value in it. They’re probably frustrated that their product or service isn’t selling more!

We’re the conduit. We take all the information they give us, research it, and distill it down for their customer. This is where having an outsider look at your brand can be invaluable. We walk into our discovery session not understanding the nitty-gritty of your business (yet), so we can see where customers are getting confused and the sales process stops. 

When we move onto the research portion and start to understand the ins and outs of your business, we pick which pieces are critical to your client, find the emotion in them, and leverage that for our branding.

The result? Branding that resonates with the business owner, and speaks to the ideal customer that the unique product or service was meant to help.