Client Case Study: Modify-FX
Write By: Katie Dooley

The Modify-FX brand is near and dear to Katie’s heart — it’s her husband’s company!

Modify-FX is an audio engineering company specializing in podcast and audiobook recording, mixing, and mastering. There is a lot that goes into audio production; it’s so much more than a set of headphones and GarageBand. Sound is linked directly to our memories, so having your podcast or audiobook sound as good as possible will leave a good impression on your listeners.

Business card design

Remember it’s important to always brand for your ideal clients — the people you want your business to serve. For Modify-FX it’s female entrepreneurs. 

Objectives: Create a brand and logo design for female entrepreneurs.

Key Audience: The audio engineering industry is male-dominated. This means it can be tough if you’re a female business owner who doesn’t know anything about audio to find someone who is reputable. It was our goal to create a brand that reflects who Bryant, the owner, is as an engineer, but still feels relatable for a female business owner. 

Design Solutions: Feminine meets masculine, modern meets vintage. A warm gold colour and vintage style font adds luxury and shows off the high-ticket value of the service provided. The font is wide with thick serifs that keep it grounded, but the beveling keeps it open and light.

The gold is paired with a light blue — a favourite amongst women. Blue represents calm, trust, and professionalism, all values that are reflected in the Modify-FX brand. 

Black and white photos are used throughout to keep the brand classy and minimal. 

Responsibilities: Brand development and positioning, design concept, logo development, logo design, corporate identity, brand story and voice development, type selection, brand standards, image selection, colour selection.