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Audio Engineer Logo: Modify-FX
Write By: Katie Dooley

Designed for an Overlooked Market

We created an audio engineer logo for Modify-FX, Katie’s husband’s company!

Modify-FX is an audio engineering company specializing in podcast and audiobook recording, mixing, and mastering. There is a lot that goes into audio production; it’s so much more than a set of headphones and GarageBand. Sound is linked directly to our memories, so having your podcast or audiobook sound as good as possible will leave a good impression on your listeners.

Business card design

Remember it’s important to always brand for your ideal clients — the people you want your business to serve. For Modify-FX it’s female entrepreneurs. 


Brand Identity Objectives

Create a brand and logo design for female entrepreneurs.


Target Audience

The audio engineering industry is male-dominated. This means it can be tough if you’re a female business owner who doesn’t know anything about audio to find someone who is reputable. It was our goal to create a brand that reflects who Bryant, the owner, is as an engineer, but still feels relatable for a female business owner. 


Design Solutions & Audio Engineer Logo

Feminine meets masculine, modern meets vintage. The warm gold colour and vintage style font add luxury and shows off the high-ticket value of the service provided. The font is wide with thick serifs that keep it grounded, but the beveling keeps it open and light.this audio engineer logo looks great on billboards

The gold is paired with a light blue — a favourite amongst women. Blue represents calm, trust, and professionalism, all values that are reflected in the Modify-FX brand. 

Black and white photos are used throughout to keep the brand classy and minimal. 


Need your business seen and heard?

If you’re ready to amp up your brand (see what we did there?) then we would love to have a consultation call with you! We promise to leave the dad jokes for the blog.