Client Case Study: Polar Mills
Write By: Katie Dooley

Polar Mills was a super interesting client for us to work with! They are producers of what we commonly call faba (or fava) beans. However, Polar Mills has developed a new strain of the bean that is better for you nutritionally and eliminates a rare, but deadly condition called favism. Polar Mills calls their strain the Polar Bean, and they are endeavouring to rebrand the Faba Bean industry much like canola did for rapeseed in the 70s. 

As with any agricultural process, there are a lot of steps and layers. There is the seed provider, in this case, Polar Mills, who sell to farmers that grow the bean. Polar beans need fractionating to be turned into food products, which Polar Mills also handles for their farmers, and then the product of that can be sold to food producers. 

We had to come up with a brand that was appealing all along the supply chain, but most importantly, that gets everyday families interested in trying and eating polar beans.

Objectives: Create a brand that gets people interested in polar beans.

Key Audience: While it’s important that every step of the supply chain is onboard with polar bean production, we realized early on that if no one is buying or consuming polar beans, it doesn’t matter if the food producers think it’s a great idea. We targeted older millennials and Gen-X moms. They are busy, hate the question “what’s for dinner?”, and are often juggling a variety of dietary restrictions or concerns. We knew if we could get moms on board with polar beans and Polar Mills, everything else would fall into place.

Design Solutions: The big initial is common in food production — think the Kellogg’s K or the General Mills G, so we leaned into that familiarity. The Polar Mill’s P however is modern, light, and has a fun and symbolic centre. The centre starburst represents both a snowflake, with its six points, and the spokes of a windmill (while the imagery of 4 spokes is more common, 6 spoked mills definitely existed!). In one simple shape, we were able to capture both ‘polar’ and ‘mills’! 

The foundation of the colour palette is bright green. A shade sampled right from a polar bean, green represents the environment and all-natural approach of Polar Mills. The light blue is muted to complete the organic and eco-friendly colour palette. This is also a shade that appeals strongly to Gen-X and Millennials. 

Responsibilities: Brand development and positioning, design concept, logo development, logo design, corporate identity, brand story, type selection, brand standards, image selection, colour selection