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Daycare CRM Logo: Timesavr
Write By: Katie Dooley

Creating a Targeted Brand

Daycare logos are filled with cliches. We wanted to avoid those tropes for the phenomenal CRM company, Timesavr.
The Timesavr brand was so much fun to tackle! We love helping businesses we didn’t know were business, so when Timesavr, a daycare CRM, reached out we got excited
Timesavr helps daycare directors, managers and employees streamline their workday. They do this by keeping accurate records for both parents and the government. A lot of records are kept to ensure government subsidies are going to both the parents and the daycare owner. There is also tracking of the health and well-being of the children and the regular day-to-day paperwork.
A comprehensive CRM, with Timesavr, everything is in one place and secure. 

Brand Identity Objectives

Create a brand and logo design that attracts daycare owners and directors across a wide demographic

Target Audience

The daycare industry is vast! Timesavr can help daycares of all sizes, but it presented an interesting research challenge. There are large daycare chains, owned by a single director with several managers, and hundreds of kids. Some daycares run out of private residences with a handful of children. This meant finding the commonalities among each of the different groups. Through extensive research, we came up with a simple and elegant logo design for Timesavr. 

Design Solutions & Daycare CRM Logo

Creativity meets structured professionalism in the Timesavr logo. A colourful scribble emphasizes what is truly important, time. It blocks off time as you might highlight an important date in your planner. The geometric font is easy to read for ESL clients while still having a friendliness from the rounded terminals. The dark purple grounds the brand and is the colour of creativity. Blue is a calming professional colour while the bright shades add a vibrancy that appeals to Gen-X

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