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How Long Should Logo Development Take?
Write By: Katie Dooley

Should the Process Take Days, Weeks or Even Longer?

Logo development depends… That’s the answer you were looking for, right? 

The logo design timeline depends on the experience you want to have with your graphic designer, the market research you want to put into your logo development and the overall package you want at the end. It also depends on how busy your preferred designer is, and if you have a deadline in mind. 

You can go to Fiverr and have a logo in 2 business days and pay about $10. The Fiverr process doesn’t involve any back-end research on your ideal customer and doesn’t check what your competitors are doing. It’s about getting a graphic done quickly and cheaply. 

You will likely get a literal logo design that will be similar to others in your industry. If price and a quick turnaround are your priorities, this is the way to go.

If you are looking for an effective brand identity, one that turns prospects into customers, then we recommend a slower, more involved process. 


Step by Step Logo Design

At Paper Lime Creative we have a 5-step logo process: Discovery, research, collaboration, creation and revisions. It takes us about a month to get a brand done. 


Discovery Session

First, we start with discovery. It is a super fun day for us whenever we get to do a discovery meeting with a client. It usually takes between 1 to 2 hours and we get as much information out of the business owner as we can. 

We cover many things including the people they want to work with, their goals, their brand personality, what’s working with any existing branding they have, and what’s not working. The information we gleaned in this meeting informs our next step, research.


Market Research

We put a lot of back-end research into your ideal customer. This can include surveys, chatting with consultants, calling competitors, and more. This gives us a better understanding of where you fit in the market and what your ideal customers are looking for in a business like yours. We go down the rabbit holes to make sure that we have a thorough understanding of your business, and also what your clients really need from you. 

It takes one and a half to two weeks to get all of the market research put together for our clients. 


Client Collaboration

Step 3 is collaboration. While we do a lot of research, at the end of the day you are the expert in your industry. We could spend years researching what our clients do and will never be as proficient. 

We bring our clients in at the end of our market research and ask for their feedback. This gives both parties an idea of whether we’re on the right track with the logo design and branding. It’s the perfect touchpoint halfway through the process that helps ensure our success. 

Typically, our clients give us the thumbs up for the research in 1-2 business days. 


Final Logo Creation

Once we have that information, we can make informed decisions on what your brand should look and sound like. We choose colours, fonts and symbols that will attract the people you want to work with. There is research showing which demographics (age, gender, etc) like certain colours, there is historical information on symbols, and fonts are designed at a specific period of time with a specific intention. All of this allows us to tailor your brand in the best way possible.

From the time the research gets approved by the client, we take about two weeks to develop the brand. 

there are many stages of logo development



Once the creation is done, our clients get the opportunity to revise! We never want someone leaving unhappy. While we always provide a rationale for our design choices, our clients get the final say. 

The revisions process can take a couple of days, but we’ve also had clients take longer. This is the one stage in the process that can be a bit unpredictable. Expect to spend about a week from the big brand reveal to receive your final files. 


Your Final Design

How long does it take to develop a logo?

Getting all of the details together takes time. Our process, from start to finish, takes about a month. We believe that by taking the time to develop a great logo properly we get our clients better results. Branding should be an investment. 

The longer you can keep the same logo and brand colours, the greater the recognition around your business. 


Brand Recognition

The more recognition you can create around your business, the more customers you get! A good logo should last you years and it will help you stand out in your market. There shouldn’t be anyone in your industry that looks like you. 

Finding out what your customers’ interests are, what your competitors are doing, and coming up with a truly unique logo takes effort. 

We recommend taking a bit of extra time getting your logo and brand designed so that you can reap the benefits of your long-term investment, which ultimately helps your business! 


How Long Will Your Logo Development Take?

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