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Building a Strong Visual Identity for Mortgage Brokers in Edmonton
Write By: Katie Dooley

Building a Strong Visual Identity for Mortgage Brokers in Edmonton

In today’s world, having a powerful logo and relatable branding is vital to the success of your business. These elements are crucial to your visual identity and have the power to help establish you as a leader in the Edmonton mortgage industry. Your business’s branding and logo are a part of your long-term assets and should be created and maintained with a high level of care. Below are a few tips and ideas to help get you started when designing your business’s branding.

The Importance of Strong, Well-Designed Branding

Visual branding and logo design has become one of the most important cornerstones of any business. If you look at the most influential companies in the world, they all have one thing in common: steadfast branding and a powerful logo. Companies such as Nike understand the importance of their recognizable swoosh logo alongside the emotional appeal of the ‘Just Do It’ slogan. Amazon’s iconic ‘smile logo’ depicts its promise of superior customer service while selling things from A to Z. Business owners today recognize that a brand identity is just as integral as the products and services themselves, and that’s why it’s becoming more important across industries to get a brand that fully represents your company.

Understanding the Unique Needs of Mortgage Brokers

Like any industry, not all mortgage brokers do things the same way. This is one of the main reasons to consider your business’s brand identity and what you want your branding to portray. For example, who is your ideal client, and how would you like to serve them? Once you figure this out, determining visual elements to use in your branding, such as icons and graphics, will become much easier.

Another factor to consider is your position as a mortgage broker. As with any industry, your visual branding will influence how potential customers perceive you. However, it’s exceedingly important in a financial role as clients must feel comfortable leaving their financial decisions in your hands. Your visual identity is vital in establishing stability, consistency, and professionalism with your clients, and a logo and brand that reflect these values will help you gain new business, as well as getting referrals and repeat clients.

Common Design Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

Many industries overuse the ever-popular house logo, including real estate, roofing, home decor, and the construction industry, to name a few. Houses are not a great logo for mortgage broker businesses because it’s difficult to differentiate yourself from other industries and negates your unique identity as a mortgage broker.

Tips For Creating Your Mortgage Broker Logo

Your logo is the first thing potential clients see when interacting with your business. As such, it serves as the face of your business and is an important communication tool. Here are a few factors to consider to help you successfully establish your business’s branding in Edmonton.

Tailor Unique & Professional Branding Elements

Now you know the downfalls of having a house logo—but did you also know there are other points to stay conscious of when creating your visual brand identity? As a mortgage broker, you work closely with clients daily to help them secure financing for their mortgage loans. Your visual identity should help instill a sense of trust and rapport with your clients. The colours, shapes, and fonts in your logo should work to complement each other and reinforce a sense of reliability.

Your branding and logo design should also be simple enough that it is versatile to use on various mediums and social media platforms. You should also ensure your logo looks good in various formats, including black and white signage. Consistent branding will help clients recognize your business at a glance and further evoke a sense of professionalism.

Tell Your Own Story

Another tip when customizing your logo and branding is to ‘craft’ your business story visually. This means customizing your branding to communicate your passion and what drives your business. Doing so will allow you to reflect on the core ideas of your business in a creative and professional manner.

For example, some mortgage brokers primarily operate outside of city centres and enjoy working with clients seeking rural real estate. Others enjoy working with growing families and helping them get approved for their forever home. Whatever your story is, show it off! Every business has emerged out of unique and distinct circumstances, and your branding is a creative space for your logo design in Edmonton.

An Example of Classic Mortgage Broker Branding

While this is all important to know, it can be helpful to see what a stand-out mortgage broker branding looks like in reality. Here is an example of a logo design and brand package we created for a mortgage broker here in Edmonton.

Example: Karen Pacheco Mortgage Architects

One of our clients, Karen Pacheco Mortgage Architects, came to us looking for a logo that would communicate her unique values as a mortgage broker. Karen worked with a variety of clients but knew she especially enjoyed working with permanent residents coming from different cultural backgrounds. These clients often came from cultures with a deep appreciation for hospitality. Karen knew she wanted this to be a part of her business’s brand identity.

Karen’s chosen logo was a cross-section of a pineapple, the international symbol of hospitality. Our client’s name is paired underneath the pineapple graphic with a modern font and warm green and blue tones.

Your Brand Designer in Edmonton

Are you looking for an Edmonton graphic designer to spruce up your mortgage broker businesses’ logo and branding? At Paper Lime Creative, our talented designers will help you establish your unique identity and allow your creative side to shine. Contact us today for your custom design quote and learn more about how we can help you build a brand your clients will love.