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October 12, 2022

The Entrepreneur Advantage is a business book written by American author, Elizabeth Miner. Paper Lime Creative provided Elizabeth Miner with both page design and cover design services. 

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About the Book

Entrepreneurship is a Marathon

Every new venture is a thrill. With all the excitement, entrepreneurs who expect a sprint sometimes find themselves exhausted and overwhelmed. Elizabeth Miner shares ten tools to overcome the doubts, pitfalls, and fatigue that can torment even the most capable business owner.

In this book:

  • Discover your own best methods for Decision Making and follow-through
  • Learn how to strengthen your position by identifying and building upon your personal Risk Profile
  • Boost your Self-Discipline to move your business forward

The Entrepreneur Advantage is a guide to anticipating pitfalls and roadblocks, to help you get past them and fulfill your business vision.

Throughout her career as a corporate paralegal and global business coach, Elizabeth recognized distinct patterns in the success, and failure, of entrepreneurs.

This book distills the knowledge she gained during her years working with entrepreneurs and startups around the world. Whatever the industry or market, strengthening emotional intelligence gives entrepreneurs an edge over their competition and maximizes their odds for success.


Designing a Business Book

Business books are unique in the non-fiction category. They are written in concise, easy-to-read language so they can be consumed quickly. Business owners want to get the takeaway from a book immediately if they are going to take valuable time out of their day to read. Because of the reader and format of business books, we make different design decisions than we would for a fiction novel.

This book is written in three parts. We had to make decisions on design for every section, chapter, and subsection. It was a lot of different font choices! Our two foundational typefaces were Foco, a characterful sans serif, and More Pro, a large serif typeface. These typefaces were used in different styles (bold, small caps, etc) to create the variety of headers we would need while keeping consistency throughout the novel. Within the page layout, we also had to accommodate quotes and pictures to create an engaging business book.

For the cover design, Elizabeth wanted lots of white space while still being eye-catching. The bright red title (in Foco) and a pair of red running shoes to match draw the eye and creates curiosity. Miner states that entrepreneurship is a marathon, so these running shoes are bold and symbolic.

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