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October 12, 2022

Warrior is a novel written by Glori Meldrum, a Canadian marketer and philanthropist. Paper Lime Creative provided Glori with page design services as part of her autobiography book design. The cover was designed by Glori’s own team at [g]squared

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About the Book

Powerful. Uplifting. Inspiring. Overcoming childhood trauma and finding light through the darkness. Written with LOVE and GRACE, Glori opens up about her childhood sexual abuse, her fight to survive and how it shaped her into the powerhouse she is today. Raw and beautifully written, she weaves in humour and honesty as she takes readers on a journey of vulnerability, grit and triumph in starting Little Warriors, and building Be Brave Ranch, the world’s first-class treatment center for childhood sexual abuse survivors.

In October 2014, Glori completed her vision and dream. After years of fundraising, the Little Warriors Be Brave Ranch opened its doors, welcoming its first cohort of children. Located east of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, the ranch is the world’s first treatment centre of its kind. Since then, over 300 children have attended the program.

Clinical data confirm the success of the Be Brave Ranch treatment program, including highly significant reductions in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression and anxiety. Additionally, the intensive and comprehensive program significantly improves self-esteem, cognitive abilities and resiliency.


Autobiography Book Design

Tackling an autobiography book design is vastly different from a business book or a fiction novel. As a designer, you are dealing with work that is intimate and personal to the author, as they put their story out into the world.

Glori’s book deals with difficult content, and while a book designer’s job is to make content easy to read, there is nothing that softens the blow of Glori’s story.

Glori’s phenomenal team at gsquared had the book cover designed before we even received the manuscript. We took cues from the cover to create consistency within the book, namely using Bebas Neue (the cover font) throughout as chapter titles. We paired Bebas Neue with Plantin Pro, a fairly traditional serif font. This font feels grounded, yet delicate. We used its bold and italic counterparts for quotes and subheadings in the text as well.

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