October 12, 2022

The Client

The Gaming Truck is a mobile video game truck available for rent in the greater Edmonton area. It is jam-packed with all your favourite consoles (old and new) and the games to go with it!  The idea of a mobile gaming truck is new in the Edmonton area, with only a handful of competitors in the market pre-COVID.
By allowing customers to rent The Gaming Truck for a full day, they can have a gaming party without worrying about their hardware setup. There’s something for every gamer in The Gaming Truck. Whether you like a vintage SNES or the latest and greatest PS5.  We wanted to create a gaming logo that emphasized nostalgia for older gamers. However, we still wanted to create something that appealed to kids.


The Logo Design for an Edmonton Video Game Truck

The Gaming Truck brand takes inspiration from retro gaming to resonate with gamers young and old. In our marketing research, we found that the largest group of gamers is actually older Millennials (25 and up). This group grew up playing video games and now has the disposable income to invest in new hardware, software, and downloadable content. Having a video game truck come right to them is an impressive and fun group activity. 
The bright colours give the brand excitement and a youthful feel and are directly from classic games like Mario. We created additional brand symbols in an 8-bit style to flesh out the brand. This also gives the owners versatility for different design applications. By creating funky swag, The Gaming Truck is able to get its brand out to the world in an authentic way. Having promotional products that relate to the audience is an effective strategy for long-term brand recognition
The brand typeface has similar forms to the classic 8-bit type to create nostalgia for the largest group of gamers, older Millennials
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