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Gaming Logo: The Gaming Truck
Write By: Katie Dooley

The Gaming Truck is a mobile video game rental truck. It is jam-packed with all of your favourite consoles (old and new) and the games to go with it! The idea of a mobile gaming truck is relatively new in the Edmonton area, with only a handful of competitors in the market pre-COVID. We wanted to create a gaming logo that emphasized nostalgia for older gamers, while still creating something that is appealing to a younger gaming generation.

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Brand Identity Objectives

Our goal was to create a custom logo design for The Gaming Truck that captures the imagination of gamers of all ages.

With so few competitors at the time of the initial branding session, we wanted The Gaming Truck brand to look more professional and put together than everyone else in the market. It was important that they had a strong brand position and point of view. 

By creating a consistent brand and a quality logo, all the marketing materials have a cohesive, fun and nostalgic feel. 


Target Audience

The Gaming Truck was a super interesting brand to research. We had to toss our preconceived notions about video games and gamers out the window. We discovered that there were two target audiences to focus on with the Gaming Truck brand.


The First Target Market

The majority of gamers are between 27 and 35. This older demographic surprised us; it was much older than we originally thought. 

However, as we dug deeper it made sense. This is the millennial age group. Millennials were the first generation to have video games readily accessible in the home, with the Nintendo 64 being one of the most notable consoles of the 1990s.

Millennials grew up gaming, and now they have disposable income that they choose to continue to spend on gaming. This is why the brand having an air of nostalgia was critical. These are the gamers with purchasing power and are looking for something different to do on a Saturday night. 

This is a great example of why working through the full brand development process is beneficial. We didn’t realize how much money this age group spends on video games and would have assumed that the majority of gamers would be younger. 


The Second Target Market

a gaming logo used on a t-shirt design

Playing video games is becoming more universal. Ages are trending younger and more females are getting involved in the hobby. The statistics led us to our second audience. The younger up-and-coming gaming generation between the ages of 9 and 14 is the next largest demographic for The Gaming Truck. 

This meant that the brand and logo design had to be relevant and impactful enough that this age group bugs their parents to make a booking.

While this age group doesn’t have a lot of purchasing power, they have a lot of influence on their parents. When there are so many options for birthday parties, summer camps, and weekend activities, how do we make sure that The Gaming Truck is the number one choice for kids?


Design Solutions & Company Logo

Retro meets modern The Gaming Truck Brand. 

We chose brand colors and fonts that are a nod to popular video games like the Mario series. The Mario games transcend generations. The first Mario game was released in 1985 and the most recent Mario game was released in 2021. This means our colour choices will be familiar to everyone!

The 8-bit fonts and characters might feel a bit old school, but with the popularity of games like Minecraft, even kids are familiar with an 8-bit style. 

With the addition of clean geometric lines in the secondary graphics, the Gaming Truck has a more mature feel that won’t alienate adults renting the truck for the weekend. Add a playful attitude to the content marketing and this logo will be a long-term success. 

 The result? The final logo design is timeless yet fun — just like the best video games.


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