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A Good Social Media Marketer is a Must!
Write By: Katie Dooley

Social media is becoming more and more prominent. It seems like new platforms are popping up all over. TikTok, Clubhouse, plus all the ‘classics’. It’s hard to believe how much social media has changed the marketing landscape in a short period of time. If you’re not on social media these days, you’re behind your competitor. Managing all the accounts can be a lot of work! We love working with social media marketer, Sara Weisgerber of Currents Marketing. She really gets it and proves her value every time. Here are her thoughts on the state of social media.

Can you explain a little bit about what you do as a social media marketer?

For social media marketing, we focus on keeping social media profiles active and consistent. Our specialization is organic social media management which is actively posting on social profiles like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. we also help clients with digital ads to find their ideal clients online. 

How can social media build a brand?

Social media is a great place to showcase your brand because it can be social as well as educational. You can use articles, photos and graphics to highlight your brand and your services. Instagram is especially useful for this as you can design your feed to compliment your brand and voice. 

social media marketers use statistics to improve your reach
The importance of hashtags on your posts


When should someone be looking into social media or social media management?

Social media is a great opportunity to start before your business is launched because you can spread the word and build excitement about your business and brand. Most businesses keep this in-house until they are too busy to be consistently managing or posting. Or if they do not have the knowledge to create an effective strategy. Everyone should be on social media!

Really, should everyone be on every social media?

It’s best to look at your target market to decide where you should be promoting your business. It’s ideal to be on at least 3 (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) if your target audience is younger they can be checking out these platforms before Google to find your business. 

What are some of your favourite clients that you have worked with?

My favourite clients to work with are ones who are actively involved and following the strategy. They are engaged and curious about why we are making the moves we’re making. The service industry does really well on social media to be able to promote themselves. We also like working with e-commerce brands to help them sell their product online. 

What services do you offer that people might not realize?

Most people think social media is just posting. That we’re just going to put up the post and leave it. Most of our time is actually spent on engagement and profile optimization. We go in as the account and actively find their target market or target business partners, commenting, liking and engaging. 

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing local businesses right now?

Consistency with being able to show up online in a consistent manner and the know-how for strategy. You don’t want to just put up a pretty picture with an emoji and hope for the best. 

Identifying your target market is really important. Identifying who they want to be targeting allows them to figure out messaging, and visuals, and to keep it all flowing to find the people they’re looking for. Instead of saying “I want to work with everyone” 

What industry hacks or tips can you share?

Engagement is key. It’s so important to actively be talking to your community and engaging with them. Acknowledging your followers that they’re there. It’s really important to keep up with your social media. Social media doesn’t need to be feared. Lots of people are scared about posting. Don’t be – be real and be there. Be personal. You don’t want to sound like a robot. Show off your personality. Whether it’s your team, your business or yourself. 

After 1 month of implementing a new Pinterest Strategy for an account that was not being utilized fully.

What’s your favourite thing about being a social media marketer?

Coming up with new ideas for different industries and seeing how different industries end up working together. Sometimes what will work for someone in a B2B company will also work with someone with a B2C business. While these are often seen as separate it’s really interesting when you can find overlap. Or things that work in two completely different industries. 

Anything you would like to add?

Instagram grids are awesome when everything works together and has a theme. I’m very open to having conversations with businesses and love grabbing a coffee to go through all the different ideas and ways we can promote their business. 

Want to Learn More About Social Media?

A huge thank you to Sara for sitting with the Paper Lime Creative team and explaining a bit more about social media and how it affects branding. Please check out Currents Marketing because it will make your life so much easier!