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Brand Development Before Starting Web Design
Write By: Katie Dooley

The elements of a brand

Brand development is integral to your business, and having great web design is an important factor in your digital marketing. 

Do you question if you have a strong brand? A brand is the face of your company, which helps people identify your products and services. There are several elements that make a brand.


1.  Visual Identity

It’s important that your brand’s identity is recognizable by consumers. Brand colours, font titles, and visual content represent the storytelling of your brand. Keep your identity in one lane, so that the meaning isn’t complicated and confusing to audiences.


2. Logo Design

The logo is the recognizable visual face of a brand. It exhibits personality and essence through images, shapes, and colours. Your logo design will be present on your products and website design as well.


web design on a laptop3. Voice

The voice and brand messaging are integral to your website. A voice distinguishes a brand from other competitors because it showcases values. A clear voice and brand message will charm target audiences and help with your content marketing efforts. 


4. Values

Understanding what your brand represents is crucial in creating a strong identity and values. Customers like authenticity and humanizing the brands they interact with. Knowing the values of a brand gives more reasons for customers to interact with a web design.


5. Imagery

This includes your web design/format, graphics, aesthetics, and brand photography. Imagery is personal to the identity of the brand and showcases the full visual form.


What to avoid in your branding


1. Rushing the creative process 

Rushing your brand development process will lead to an unclear vision. Creating a brand is an experience, it’s important to take time to plan, research and develop your ideas. This will lead to less confusion for yourself and your customers.


2. Dismissing your uniqueness.

Audiences want to see what sets your business apart from other companies in your industry. Highlight your message, identity, and values. Plus, any designs or images that complement the one-of-a-kind nature of your brand. Don’t try to copy other brands’ styles.web design at the office


3. Ignoring your customers

Second opinions are a great way to see how an audience might react to marketing. Opinions lead to revisions, which leads to stronger outcomes. It’s important to consider other options and listen to feedback from your target market


4. Not knowing your target audience

Knowing who will attract your products is crucial to your brand. If you don’t find your target audience, branding for your website won’t be effective.

Finding your target audience

Your brand identity and marketing rely on your target audience. A target audience is a group of consumers based on demographics, such as; age, gender, and occupation. They are a huge driving force in business because they decide where to spend their time and money. 

To find the target market for your brand, you have to consider many things. Who do you want to buy your products from? What are their interests or hobbies? 

For example, a hip coffee brand may target grown adults who work, volunteer, or attend school. They’re busy individuals who rely on coffee to help give them the energy to get through work. 

Also, think about why they are purchasing the product and how much they are capable of spending. Ask for your target audience’s opinion on the product or marketing campaign. Conduct research by studying the insights of similar brands.


How to incorporate your brand into a website design

After you’ve finished the concept of your brand, it’s time to install it on your website. Branding is the foundation of the creation of a web page. You can use the colour palettes, and other aspects of the logo/brand design to create the aesthetic of your web page. 

This includes the layout, written information, and pictures. Consider your audience as well and how you want your visitors to feel when they approach the website. 

An online presence should be straightforward, consistent, expressive, and clear. This is why a brand development strategy will help support your website.


Need help with your brand development strategy or web design?

It’s important that your brand has cohesion. Effective branding will help your brand design shine to current and potential customers. 

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