Case Study: Birch Fumigators
Write By: Katie Dooley

The Birch Fumigators brand was such an amazing experience to work on. The pest control company is over 100 years old and this was their first time taking a serious look at branding. Did you know there aren’t even accurate statistics on how many companies are over 100 years old because so few make it that long?

A company sees many iterations over 100 years. Even the language used in the pest control industry has changed. “Fumigators” and “fumigation” are very old terms that aren’t used anymore. Even the term “exterminator” is becoming less common, especially as consumers are looking for more ethical and less invasive ways to manage pests in their homes. This is why “pest control” is the accepted umbrella term. 

It is a unique challenge to marry 100 years of history with modern technology and awareness of the environment. 

Birch Fumigators specifically, prides itself on being an environmentally friendly approach to pest control. They offer all-natural pest control for both inside and outside your home. They are upfront about not being the cheapest, but they are the most thorough and offer many solutions for a multitude of pests. They come back until the problem is taken care of and do not have a one-size-fits-all approach. 

Objectives: Create a high-end, environmentally friendly brand that reflects the long history of the company.

Key Audience: Birch’s high-ticket clients are people that want ongoing and preventative pest control for their homes. We targeted older, working moms (40-60) in affluent neighbourhoods in Edmonton. These women are busy with their careers and managing their families. They take pride in their home, enjoy entertaining and want friends and family to feel comfortable when they are visiting. The ideal client for Birch Fumigators wants value; they are willing to pay for a high-quality service.

Design Solutions: There are rarely opportunities to create effective historically inspired brands. Many business owners want to be modern or cutting edge (and often rightly so). It’s not often that we get to really draw on a long business history, which was such an amazing opportunity we got with Birch.

We took inspiration from the Art Nouveau movement. Art Nouveau was an art movement at the turn of the 20th century (when Birch would’ve opened!). Art Nouveau was luxurious. Only upper-class people would’ve been able to afford the Art Nouveau updates to their homes at the time, which gives the brand a high-end feel while still having roots in history. Art Nouveau was also a movement all about nature — natural lines, leaves, plants, vines are featured motifs — a perfect solution for an environmentally friendly company! 

Colours, fonts and motifs for Birch were all taken directly from this era. We stayed within a monochromatic green colour palette. Green was very popular during the Art Nouveau movement, along with other earthy colours, and the occasional vibrant yellow or blue, but still only shades that would be found in nature. We opted to stick with monochromatic to be easy to use for our client, and to really double down on the eco-friendly aspect of their business. 
Responsibilities: Brand development and positioning, design concept, logo development, logo design, corporate identity, brand story and voice development, type selection, brand standards, image selection, colour selection.