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Dentist Logo Case Study: Dr Darryl Tkachyk
Write By: Katie Dooley

Dr. Darryl Tkachyk – dental logo

Darryl Tkachyk is a general dentist who has been operating a dental clinic in Edmonton since 1966. Darryl takes his time with each patient to provide excellent service and treatment.

He is passionate about helping people take care of their dental hygiene. Dr. Darryl also works with a team of dedicated dentists at the clinic. The general emphasis is on preventing tooth issues.

What does his dental logo look like?

The logo for Dr. Darryl’s clinic is quite different from most dentist logos. The common design for a dental logo features a tooth or smiling mouth. It also features the name of the clinic or doctor.

Dr. Tkachyk’s logo stands out from the rest because it doesn’t follow the typical tooth design. Rather, it takes inspiration from Dr. Tkachyk’s love of nature and transforms two leaves into the shape of a tooth. The green colour symbolizes calm, growth and renewal.

The connection between these meanings can trace back to Dr. Tkachyk’s mission for patients. The importance of dental hygiene to maintain healthy teeth. The design is simplistic, with a natural aspect. A great logo for a dental business card.

How does Dr. Tkachyk use his dental logo?

Their vision is to give customers a reason to smile. Their four cores are; comfort, happiness, knowledge, and tailored care. They showcase these principles on the main page of their website. The usage of emoticons and stock photos creates a personable feel.

The marketing for his clinic is on social media and an easy-to-use website design. The web design features the logo at the top and bottom of the page and describes the services provided. It also displays their location and contact information, as well as an about us page. To market on a website, it must be up-to-date and represent your business.

They also market on the popular social media site, Facebook. Promoting on social media is a great way to connect with audiences, increase awareness, and build more traffic. Dr. Darryl’s Facebook posts are friendly, consistent, and align with his brand.

They offer tips, post fun comics, and information on how to book an appointment. Their posts correspond to the seasons and holidays too. For example, “What sweets to avoid during Halloween to protect your teeth.” Some posts also offer insight into the personal lives of staff that work in the clinic.

Traditional marketing for dental brands should attract potential patients and preserve customers. There are several types of digital marketing, email marketing, and online marketing dental clinics can use. It should include dental practices and treatments offered at the clinic. As well as a description of the general dentist and other staff members. It should show all relevant contact information to legitimize and optimize your website for search engines.

Digital media of your dental office improves your online profile. Before and after examples of products and services used on patients also improve your online profile. A customer’s journey in the form of a photo or review is a common digital marketing strategy. Social media marketing is a great outlet for short videos, pictures, and infographics. Dr. Darryl Tkachyk’s website demonstrates these techniques.

Their target audience

The target audience translates to potential and current customers. Dental clinics usually offer services to all individuals in their respective communities. There is no specific age or gender to whom this clinic specifically markets, but rather families looking for high-quality care. Dr. Tkachyk is definitely a quality-over-quantity dentist.

The visual aspects of their website and social media show that they provide service to all ages. It keeps a family-friendly tone. It shows that this clinic is a great option for anyone in the Historic Olde Town Beverly.

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