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Professional Organizer Logo: Tidy Katie
Write By: Katie Dooley

Creating a Neat & Tidy Brand

A professional organizer logo needs to be crisp, clean and a little luxurious. We loved working on the brand development and logo design for Tidy Katie. She was a dream client (and not just because she has a great name)!

Katie is one of the youngest professional organizers in the Edmonton area. She also has a background in Drama and Acting. 

This means that Katie has a very creative brain! Which is an interesting mix for a professional organizer. Generally, creatives are messy or can tolerate clutter. There is a lot of scientific research that shows creative people actually benefit from cluttered space.

But unlike her creative counterparts, Tidy Katie is a very neat and organized creative. Because she has a creative brain, she has a unique approach to professional organizing. This helps her stand out from her competitors. 

Professional organizer vehicle wrap


Brand Identity Objectives

Our goal was to create a custom logo that highlighted Katie’s creative side as her unique selling point. We also needed to conform to what is expected from a professional organizer.

Professional organizing is an industry where there are a lot of clichés. The logo ideas of Katie’s competitors are very similar. Lots of houses and hangers. It was important that we conformed with the feel of professional organizer brands, rather than falling into design traps. 

Another challenge we had to take into consideration was Katie’s age. Most professional organizers in Edmonton are 40+, and Katie is in her early 30s. We had to create a brand that would give her authority and a sense of professionalism as a young organizer. 

This brand development was all about combining structure with creativity. Katie made the right choice in hiring a professional graphic designer to make sure all of these elements were just right. 


Target Audience

The target market for Tidy Katie is middle-class to upper-middle-class women ranging in age from 40-55. These are women that would be busy with their careers and managing kids and a household. 

They value organization, and they are organized in other areas of their lives. Katie’s ideal customers aren’t necessarily messy. Rather, their struggle is that they don’t have the time to organize the way they would like. Often Katie’s clients need an outside set of eyes as well, especially with problem areas of the home.

Hiring a cleaner is a luxury, hiring a professional organizer is a step beyond that. While we all have that messy friend, there needs to be a certain level of disposable income to hire a professional. 

Because Katie’s demographic is Gen X to the Baby Boomers, building trust in her branding was important. We had to develop a professional organizer logo that appealed to that age group while still being representative of Katie.

While we always want to keep ideal customers in mind, it’s important to know when to step into your brand. If you have a personal services business like Tidy Katie people want to know what to expect from the business owner. 


Design Solutions & Company Logo

When we were creating the logo for Katie, we were inspired by Scandinavian minimalism (think Ikea)! This brand has retro elements, bright colours, and clean lines. 

Professional organizer promotional product, water bottle

Scandinavian minimalism was the perfect solution to have creative yet clean, sleek yet fun. This design style uses organic shapes and clean lines which results in mass appeal. The retro feel gives nostalgia to Katie’s older clients but isn’t so dated that it would be unrelated to a younger client. 

Katie’s stacking boxes are able to be used as design elements in other unique ways. It becomes a phenomenal brand pattern to add interest to her marketing materials like business cards or vehicle wraps. 

A four-colour palette gives lots of options to tailor social media posts and print media to the desired audience. Katie can use the blue hues for a more professional or masculine audience. Or, she can use pink to target women in a specific campaign.

This approach to branding gives you the flexibility to create your own materials without the help of a professional designer while still being on-brand and looking professional. 


Does Your Brand Need a Tidy?

If you want a high-quality professional organizer logo then it’s time to hire a professional logo designer! For long-term branding success, we help our clients by creating custom logo designs that connect them to their dream customers. Book a consultation call today!